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Woodmore Rd./Mt. Oak Rd./Church Rd. Intersection

JOB NAME: Woodmore Rd./Mt. Oak Rd./Church Rd. Intersection Improvements
CLIENT: Prince George’s County Government – DPW&T
LOCATION: Woodmore Rd./Mt. Oak Rd./Church Rd.; Bowie, MD
CONTRACT VALUE: $9.1 million


  • Incorporated the management, control and improvements to three highly traveled roads in Bowie, MD
  • Traffic flow not impeded
  • Included storm drain construction, construction of box culvert
  • Complete intersection signalization


  • 110,000 cy Excavation
  • 6,700 lf Storm Drain
  • 300 lf Twin 5’x8’ Box Culvert
  • 280 lf 24” Water Main Relocation (tie-in to an existing live line)
  • 12,400 lf Sediment Control
  • 1,500 Tons Rip Rap
  • 13,000 Tons GAB Stone Base
  • 10,300 lf Curb and Gutter
  • 1,300 lf Monolithic Median
  • 25,100 Tons Asphalt